Company: Wherefour, Inc.

Technology Snapshot: A new release of Wherefour traceability and ERP software adds a dashboard business intelligence (BI) function that displays real-time data analytics to help users stay on top of critical performance indicators and other information.

The BI function is fully customizable so users can display the data that is most important to them, and it is easy to drag and drop charts onto the dashboard along with snapshots of other key metrics, said Matt Brown, founder and CEO. The new BI tools provide useful and actionable insights at a glance by processing large amounts of data into easily comprehensible formats that support good analysis and decision-making, Brown says.

Wherefour’s BI analytics can provide valuable perspectives on a full range of key parameters including cost of goods sold (COGS), sales performance, fulfillment, production metrics, profit margin and purchasing activity, such as current purchase orders, current inventory levels or forecasting fulfillment needs, Brown said.

More information about Wherefour is available at or by calling 415-930-4028.