Company: DEBAG


Equipment Snapshot: The iba trade fair in Munich will be opening its doors from September 15-20, 2018. Here, at the world’s leading trade fair for bakery, confectionery and snacks, held every three years, DEBAG Deutsche Backofenbau GmbH will be unveiling a number of innovative new products:

  • e.CLEAN 500: the first fully automated oven cleaning system with a 500 day refill cycle
    • No need to do anything for 500 days: e.CLEAN 500, the new fully automated oven cleaning system, makes this a reality. Once the oven has been filled with cleaning agent, the supply lasts for up to 500 days.* This is simply taken care of as part of DEBAG’s customer service. e.CLEAN 500 makes oven cleaning much less labour intensive, thus freeing up personnel. The working time saved in this way can be used efficiently for other important tasks.
    • e.CLEAN 500 is suitable for use with DEBAG’s DILA and DECON in-store baking ovens.
  • The new DEDEC deck oven: the perfect companion to the DECON in-store baking oven

At this year’s iba, the DECON multi-function oven will be presented for the first time as a combined baking station – together with the newly developed DEDEC (DEcon DECk) oven. In this way, the DECON-DEDEC combination combines the advantages of three devices in one: in-store baking oven, combi-steamer and deck oven.

The DECON in-store baking oven with its convection and integrated steamer function is the perfect oven for bakeries. In addition to baking, this all-rounder offers a wide range of other functions including cooking, steaming, gratinating and regenerating – everything is possible with the DECON.

The DEDEC deck oven permits traditional artisan baking on a stone slab. The oven features evenly radiated heat and a static baking atmosphere.

The combined DECON and DEDEC enables the user to offer a very wide range of products: from pastries and cookies, artisan breads and rolls, to warm snacks and wholesome meals with fish, meat and vegetables.


Extending the DECON product family: a number of new variants

In response to continuing strong demand, DEBAG has developed further variants of the DECON multi-function oven. “This means that every purchaser can configure their very own individual DECON.” explains DEBAG’s Sales Director, Oliver Theiß. These range from the DECON 5 (max 5 trays à 40 x 60 cm), the DECON 12 (max 12 trays) to the DECON 5/5 (2 baking chambers with 5 trays each) and the DECON 12/5 (2 baking chambers, one with 12 and one with 5 trays). The loading system greatly simplifies the filling and emptying of the oven and saves valuable working time. DEBAG offers base frames and proving chambers as accessories in a wide range of variants.

The modular construction of the individual DECON variants allows the oven to be configured to meet the exact requirements of the customer (space required, baking quantity, breadth and depth of products). This means the DECON can be perfectly incorporated into any modern design for a shop or catering premises. baking rethought

Just in time for iba, DEBAG presents extensions to its intelligent solutions to make operating your oven a much easier and more straightforward task, in addition to providing excellent control.

  • ONE control for two ovens: One-Touch Control reduces the operator’s workload
    • Why not operate two ovens with just one control? DEBAG’s latest product development, One-Touch Control, makes this a reality. The operator’s workload is reduced as now both ovens can be controlled from a single display. The oven can be operated easily and intuitively by “touch”, using the 7-inch touch screen, just like a smart phone. The operator simply taps the relevant symbol (e.g. ‘Pretzel’) and the baking programme starts automatically. DEBAG currently offers One-Touch Control for its DECON in-store baking oven.
  • FilialNet oven networking software with enhanced functionality
    • DEBAG´s oven networking software, FilialNet, facilitates oven and branch networking, independent of national borders. There is no limit to the number of devices (ovens, air conditioning and refrigeration systems) that can be networked. FilialNet makes managing baking programs clear and simple, it creates transparency about user behavior and it improves control. The networked ovens can be controlled and maintained remotely, at all times and from any location. New innovations to be presented at iba are an efficient reporting module and an extension to user management. Also, the software is now available in five languages (German, English, French, Polish and Russian) and can be used worldwide.
  • PCS - performance control system: now also available for HELIOS deck ovens
    • With the help of the performance control system, energy costs can be significantly reduced through avoiding expensive power peaks. Up to now this function was available only for DEBAG’s in-store baking ovens. At iba, DEBAG will present PCS for HELIOS deck ovens for the first time.


Facelift: MONSUN in-store ovens in a new design and with TOUCH control

Both the MONSUN CITY and the MONSUN MINI in-store baking ovens will be shown at iba for the first time in a new design and with elegant TOUCH control.


Retro design for the HELIOS 6080, where the baking trays are inserted lengthways

Demand for ovens with a retro look remains high. At the DEBAG stand there will be a separate area where selected in-store baking ovens will be presented in up-market retro designs.

The popular 6080 version of the HELIOS deck oven is now available in a retro design, too. This special edition of the oven, where the baking trays are inserted lengthways, provides not only increased operating convenience for the baker, it also guarantees safer access to the baked goods.