Company: DEBAG


Equipment Snapshot: It was precisely with the needs of the retail food trade in mind that DEBAG developed its new DECON in-store baking oven, incorporating more than 100 years of experience in the optimization of baking processes and oven design. In DECON, the company has developed a product that is ideally suited to the needs of the food retail trade and its customers: all-day fresh pastries and delicious hot snacks for shoppers, with minimal effort required of the staff operating the oven.

The DECON is an all-round talent: whether baking, cooking or steaming, this in-store oven with its integrated steamer function turns out crisp fresh pastries as well as tasty hot snacks every time. The finely tuned fan speed allows even delicate pastries to be baked to the highest standard. The newly developed control system with its large 7-inch touch screen also permits untrained personnel to operate the oven with ease. Thanks to its modular design and numerous optional functions (e.g. SmartBake), the DECON is a perfect fit for any shop or in-store concept, guaranteeing all-day hot snacks and premium quality baked goods.

The new 7-inch TOUCH control system is one of the most important DEBAG innovations for the food retail trade. All new DECON in-store ovens come with an intuitive user interface as standard. The well thought-out controls ensure even greater safety and process optimisation. In addition, the DECON energy management system provides several optional functions that can significantly reduce energy consumption and operating costs. These include DEBAG SmartBake – an automatic batch quantity detection system – as well as the DEBAG performance management system, which can be used to significantly reduce the power load of multiple ovens.