Company: DEBAG


Equipment Snapshot: DEBAG Deutsche Backofenbau GmbH took along its latest products to this year’s Südback (23rd - 26th September 2017) in Stuttgart, Germany’s largest trade fair for bakers and confectioners.

This year’s trade fair presentation revolved around the theme of ‘Backen 4.0’. It featured the new generation of software and assistance systems developed by DEBAG which go by the name of This includes four product groups:

  • e.ASSISTANCE: Assistance systems for the automation of baking processes
  • e.CLEAN: Solutions for making oven cleaning as simple and resource-friendly as possible
  • e.CONNECT: Intelligent software for oven networking and energy optimisation
  • e.CONTROL: Intuitive, user-friendly oven controls

Solutions for the optimisation of energy consumption were high on the agenda of visitors to the trade fair. DEBAG tackles this issue from two directions: the LMS power management system and SmartBake, an assistance system that automatically detects the volume of the batch in the oven.

  • The LMS power management system allows a specific oven group to be controlled and synchronised via a processor unit; the software takes on the job of resource planning for the linked ovens, limiting power peaks from the outset. The energy costs in the retail outlet can thus be significantly reduced.
  • The SmartBake assistance system detects the volume of the batch in the oven and automatically adjusts the parameters during the baking process. No matter how many trays have been loaded, SmartBake ensures that only as much energy is input as is necessary. The SmartBake program not only helps to save energy and prevent application errors but also guarantees a consistently high quality of baked goods.

In three live shows on 25th September, the Austrian top chef, who has been using DEBAG technology for years in his restaurant, demonstrated the many and varied uses of the award-winning DECON in-store oven with steamer function. These range from baking, boiling, cooking, proofing, steaming and gratining to the regeneration of warm snacks and wholesome meals. With the aid of the DECON core temperature probe, even amateur cooks are able to get sophisticated dishes and roasts done just right.

Also of great benefit is e.CLEAN SYSTEM – the fully automated and resource-conserving oven cleaning system. This considerably simplifies the cleaning of the DECON oven. e.CLEAN SYSTEM is further characterised by very low water and energy consumption and uses a biodegradable liquid cleaner. If required, the cleaning process can be extended by a secondary rinse-aid stage.

The newly launched warming cabinet is the final link in an important process chain, namely the quality assurance of pastry and snacks. This was also evident in the response from trade fair visitors, who expressed their enthusiasm for the combination of the two products – DECON in-store oven and warming cabinet.

Numerous visitors were complimentary about the modular design of the HELIOS deck oven. Depending on the type and quantity of items to be baked, the constraints of layout and the existing floor space, the oven can be adapted precisely to the relevant bakery or shop concept. Up to five units of differing depths and heights (160mm for shallow baked goods, 200mm for tall baked goods) can be stacked on top of each other. Each unit can be separately controlled. Another practical feature is the new bread basket supports. These allow baked products to be transferred directly from the oven into containers ready for transportation.

The new HELIOS 6080 with its lengthways loading of baking trays allows for much more convenient and safer access to the baked products. The oven opening time is shortened, and the energy loss is thereby significantly reduced. Also new in this variant is the standard baking chamber made of stainless steel.

Because of the continuing high demand for nostalgic design variants of the DEBAG in-store oven range such as the GALA 35 and the HELIOS, DEBAG has now also made the classic DILA available as a retro version.