Company: Chudleigh's

Introduced: November 2018

Distribution: Regional

Suggested Retail Price: $3.29-$4.99

Product Snapshot: Chudleigh’s, the family-owned Canadian bakery that started on the family’s iconic apple orchard, has announced the launch of their scrumptious single-serve pies and cakes in the U.S. at H.E.B. stores throughout Texas. Just in time for after school snacks and fall entertaining, the curated lineup of treats for Texas includes three of their fan-favorite desserts. Each package of Chudleigh’s treats contains two individually wrapped servings that can be heated in the microwave in one minute and enjoyed whenever the mood strikes.

The three varieties, available at H.E.B. stores throughout Texas include: Crumble Crunch Apple Blossoms, made with freshly peeled Northern Spy Apples wrapped in their family recipe pastry made with real butter and freshly milled flour and topped with a custom brown sugar oat topping; Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes, made with melted fair trade chocolate and a chocolate ganache center made of 35 percent cream; and Pineapple Upside Down Cakes, scratch made buttermilk cakes with a brown sugar sauce topping and a classic, refreshing pineapple ring.

“The freshest pie is a frozen pie, because it’s always there when you need it,” said Scott Chudleigh, son of Chudleigh’s founders Tom and Carol Chudleigh. “We are unapologetically nostalgic for a time when people kept some form of pastry in the freezer for when the neighbors drop by, or the kids aced their exams. We want people to be a microwave away from creating a moment of bliss at all times, and we want that moment to be made of the same simple ingredients our grandmothers used.”

Choosing Texas as their U.S. launchpad is no accident. Chudleigh’s believes that Texans feel the same way about hospitality, simplicity, and taking time to enjoy the moment. They feel a kinship with the state and they’re resting their strategy on it. In partnership with H.E.B., Chudleigh’s desserts have been distributed to hundreds of stores throughout Texas. H.E.B. will offer in-store (yellow) coupons in December in select locations.

Dedicated to feeding the inner child in all of us, Chudleigh’s took to creating classic desserts with a modern twist when demand for consistent serving sizes of their farm-fresh homemade pies reached a fever pitch. Second generation owner Scott Chudleigh developed the single serving blossom style to be just the right sized treat for a moment of bliss.

Today, the same special approach is used to make every Chudleigh’s treat. Chudleigh’s 110,000 square foot bakery in Milton, Ontario, just down the road from the original family apple orchard, employs 200 full time bakers to ensure that the lessons learned in grandma’s kitchen are preserved in every bite. This begins with real, quality ingredients like freshly picked apples from surrounding orchards, peeled the day they are baked; fresh flour from the Chudleigh’s custom blend of grains milled within days of baking; high quality, fair trade chocolate; and of course, real sugar, butter, and eggs. Chudleigh’s treats are baked from scratch and flash frozen fresh from the oven without preservatives to create a modern, microwavable moment of happiness.

“We admire H.E.B. as a brand that supports the community, and we’re excited to be welcomed into the family and onto the shelves of the freezer aisle. We can’t wait for the people of Texas to taste our delicious treats, and to keep them on the ready for a bliss break,” said Dean Chudleigh, son of Chudleigh’s founders Tom and Carol Chudleigh..