Company: Kellogg's

Introduced: June 2019

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $2.89-$4.49

Product SnapshotKellogg's has teamed up with Sony Pictures Entertainment to help fans get excited about the much-anticipated summer blockbuster, Spider-Man: Far From Home. The collaboration includes a variety of special-edition Spider-Man: Far From Home-themed products with a superhero twist, interactive promotional packaging and a takeover of Kellogg's New York City Café.

Fans can enjoy Pop-Tarts Spidey Berry that unlocks an interactive comic story when scanned, Eggo Mixed Berry Marvel web-shaped waffles, Cheez-It with engraved Spidey designs, Keebler Amazing Vanilla Cupcake Fudge Stripe cookies and Kellogg's Spider-Man Far From Home Fruit Snacks. Additional favorites across the Kellogg portfolio are available at retail for a limited time with Spider-Man: Far From Home promotional packaging that unlocks an interactive Spider-Man game.

SRPs range from $2.89 to $4.49. Eggo waffles (10-count) retail for $2.89, and the 16-count packages retail for $4.49. Cheez-It family-size boxes retail for $6.29, and Fudge Stripes for $3.69. The fruit-flavored snacks retail for $2.99, and the Pop-Tarts retail for $3.49 for a 12-count box.

Kellogg's is offering many ways for consumers to get in on the action this summer. You can stop by a local retailer or visit to snag the special-edition Spider-Man: Far From Home-themed products; purchase the special limited-edition promotional packages with the interactive Spider-Man game in-store.