Company: Macro Snacks

Introduced: July 2019

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $2.79 (1.2 oz. bags) and $16.99 (6-pack)

Product Snapshot: Macro-based meal planning is growing in popularity as a healthy alternative to fad diets.

Macro-counters and health-conscious consumers who crave satisfying on-the-go treats can choose from Macro Snacks’ new line of macronutrient crisps on sale now via Amazon or direct from the company’s website.

Each 1.2oz bag (34g) of Macro Snacks is packed with 11g of pea protein isolate, 16g of complex carbohydrates and 3.5g of fat, and specially formulated to follow the USDA/FDA-recommended daily ratio of macronutrients (30 percent protein, 45 percent carbs and 25 percent fat).

“We are making it much easier for consumers by offering great-tasting snacks that are readily balanced with the right number of macros,” said Justin Wiesehan, founder and CEO of Macro Snacks. “With each bag of Macro Snacks, consumers are getting everything they need from a macronutrient perspective in one shot, and nothing they don’t.”

Fortified with plant-based protein and all natural and organic seasonings, Macro Snacks are ideal for many types of lifestyles, from the diet-conscious to those just looking to indulge in tasty snacking. Vegan, non-GMO and gluten free, Macro Snacks are available in three delicious flavors: cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, and sour cream and onion.

“People today are favoring balanced macronutrient meal plans over restrictive diets that are not sustainable long term,” said Wiesehan. “Our mission is to make snacks that are not only healthier and macro-balanced but taste amazing and give consumers a genuine guilt-free way to eat better.”

Starting July 15, Macro Snacks will be a featured product during Amazon Prime Day 2019, Amazon’s annual shopping holiday that gives exclusive sales incentives to Prime subscribers. Macro Snacks are offered in 6-pack single-flavor options or 6-pack, 3-flavor variety boxes.