Company: JLS Automation

Equipment Snapshot: Baked good producers can easily load and package fresh or frozen products when the JLS Talon robotic pick-and-place system is paired with a flow wrapping machine. The system can handle desserts and snacks including cupcakes, granola bars and cookies as well as frozen goods such as corn dogs, burritos and breakfast sandwiches. See the versatility of the system when the Talon and a Campbell Wrapper Revolution flow wrapping machine are integrated at the International Baking Industry Expo (IBIE) in Las Vegas on Sept. 8-11 at booth 6429.

The Talon, which features an IP69K stainless Delta robot, can load products at speeds over 100 picks per minute into a flow wrapping system. JLS’ proprietary sanitary Vacuum On Board technology eliminates airline clogs, reduces air consumption by up to 50 percent and simplifies changeover, helping to keep bakery operations fast and efficient. In addition, the space-saving Talon loading system can directly mount over the product infeed of the flow wrapper to achieve a small footprint.

The Talon pick-and-place system features multiple levels of sanitary construction, making it suitable for the most challenging bakery environments. An optional open frame design eliminates enclosed spaces, helps prevents product and liquids from pooling, and ensures all surfaces on the machine frame can be easily cleaned, including all uprights, cross members and guard doors.