Fat Snax, the makers low-carb and keto-friendly cookies, announced their nationwide distribution into Whole Foods Market and UNFI this month. Fans of the fat-friendly cookies will now have the chance to purchase their favorite treats at over 1,500 stores.

Fat Snax first gained success online and has continued to expand into retailers as consumer demand for tasty low-carb options skyrockets. Fat Snax are free from gluten, grains, artificial preservatives and each cookie has just 1-2 net carbs, no sugar, and proudly contains 8-9 grams of healthy fat. With their expanded distribution, three of their flavors—Double Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter— will be available to Whole Foods and UNFI customers everywhere. As healthy food alternatives continue to gain popularity so does the brands’ mission to provide options that are tasty and enjoyable for all.

“This is a tremendous step not only for Fat Snax but for the low-carb movement. We are elated that our nationwide rollout with Whole Foods and UNFI will make it easier for consumers in search of keto-friendly classic snacks,” said Fat Snax CEO Jeffrey Frese. “We look forward to expanding the Fat Snax product line and changing the way people view better-for-you options one snack at a time.”

Fat Snax is also available on their website, Amazon and retailers including The Vitamin Shoppe, Earth Fare, and Erewhon. For more information or to find a store near you, visit www.FatSnax.com