Company: US Foods

Introduced: September 2019

Distribution: Foodservice

Product Snapshot: US Foods knows that today’s consumers want richer, more diverse food experiences that go beyond the main course, which is why US Foods’ Fall Scoop features a cheesecake highlighting the flavors of the Middle East with honey, almonds and cardamom. US Foods also put its own spin on a Southern favorite, the beignet. 

US Foods Holding Corp. announced the launch of Fall Scoop 2019 (Fall Scoop), which focuses on “Global Discovery Made Easy” and showcases products with Latin American, Asian and Middle Eastern influences. With 54 percent of consumers saying they have gone out of their way to try a novel global food, today’s diners are hungry to explore new flavors from all over the world.

To help restaurant operators stay competitive and meet this growing demand, US Foods collaborated with nationally recognized chefs, Chef Diana Dávila, Chef Thai Dang and Chef Sameh Wadi to advise on many of the globally inspired products featured in the new Fall Scoop line up. Chef Dávila is the chef and owner of Mi Tocaya Antojería in Chicago; Chef Dang is the executive chef and owner of HaiSous, also in Chicago; and Chef Wadi is the executive chef and owner of World Street Kitchen in Minneapolis.

“Today’s diners are more adventurous, and they expect diverse, authentic food experiences,” said Stacey Kinkaid, vice president, product development and innovation, US Foods. “Chef Dávila, Chef Dang and Chef Wadi shared incredibly helpful insights and feedback on Scoop products with Latin American, Middle Eastern and Asian influences. By focusing our efforts on items our operators would normally not have the time, resources or experience to create on their own, we have delivered turnkey solutions they can add to their menus with confidence.”

Premium Cheesecake Topped with Honey and Almonds: As increasing demand for global flavors begins to influence even longtime menu mainstays, US Foods’ Premium Cheesecake Topped with Honey and Almonds nudges a classic into new territory. Inspired by Middle Eastern flavors, the cheesecake features a baked graham cracker crust with a hint of cardamom. The smooth, creamy center includes mascarpone cheese and cream cheese, and the topping delivers the crunch of sliced almonds under a thick layer of sweet honey. Frozen and pre-sliced, this product virtually eliminates back-of-house preparation for a unique yet familiar dessert bound to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Croissant Beignet: The Croissant Beignet is a flaky spin on the traditional beignet. As a feature in homestyle Creole cooking, beignets are typically made from deep-fried choux pastry. By utilizing croissant dough instead, the Croissant Beignet maintains a flaky texture and a soft, richly flavored interior. Beautifully simple when dusted with confectioner’s sugar, it’s also ready to be customized with specialty toppings and fillings. Can be used in a savory application!