US Foods Holding Corp., a foodservice distributor, announced today the launch of Spring 2023 Scoop, including its Devonshire® Butter Toffee Cake. Themed “Stand Out from the Crowd,” Spring Scoop features 20 innovative and labor-saving products that will help operators refresh their menus through intriguing twists on classic favorites and globally influenced flavors. 

“Today, diners are more interested in an intriguing new food experience than spending less while dining out, making it more important than ever that operators differentiate their menu with traffic-driving, on-trend offerings,” said Stacey Kinkaid, vice president of product development and innovation for US Foods. “76% of diners say they are on the hunt for the next food trend when they eat out, which is why we’ve introduced unique twists on classic favorites and products with globally influenced flavors that empower our operators to build maximized menus to help drive business, and as always, save hours of labor back-of-house.” 

Spring Scoop products are designed to save an operator at least 30 minutes of labor per case as compared to making the item from scratch, with some products saving up to 90 minutes or more per case.

The Devonshire® Butter Toffee Cake is a mini Bundt cake inspired by the popular Midwest Ooey Gooey Butter Cake and a Pineapple Upside Down Cake. Product Developer Maria Zannis wanted to take what people love about these desserts and offer it in a single-serve format with fantastic plate appeal.

The Mini Bundt cake, made with butter, whipping cream, buttermilk, and brown sugar, is ready-to-heat from frozen in its bakeable cup in the microwave or oven, individually wrapped, and is Kosher certified. The cake can be eaten on its own but can also be paired with fruit or à la mode, and saves up to 90 minutes of prep time per case versus baking from scratch.