There are more food choices for today’s consumers than ever before—packed with messages about when, what, why, even where to eat. Now, Farm Rich, one of the nation’s largest snack and appetizers brands, is simplifying the message with its new ad campaign: “If You Wanna Grab a Snack, Grab a Snack.”

A new commercial and video series launches Farm Rich’s new snack advocate. Defying a set schedule or expectations, he encourages enjoying your snack of choice whenever the craving hits. And he does things in his own humorous way, as we can tell by his unconventional roommates, including a donkey, goat, rooster, some chickens, even a pig or two.

The 2020 multi-platform campaign launches this month through on-air and streaming television, CBS Sports, ESPN, Food Network, Amazon, Animal Planet, HGTV, Hulu, OWN, ID; digitally on Bravo, E!, ESPN, Facebook, Food Network, Google and Syfy; and on audio streaming via Amazon Music. The campaign also features a custom game day landing page at, social advertising, promotional giveaway and influencer support, all conveying the message of snacking your way.

Challenging messages about being part of a crowd or popularity, even poking fun at the thought of a perfect post for more social media likes, the new TV spots underscore Farm Rich’s commitment to individuality. Instead of making excuses for non-traditional mealtimes, the campaign normalizes satiating hunger when it strikes.

The first spot, tied to the Big Game, is rolling out now with a supporting national “Are You Feeling Lucky?” giveaway in January encouraging live snacking and guessing when it comes to the outcomes surrounding the Feb. 2 Big Game match-up. Think you know who’s gonna win the game? How many times will they say “GOAT”? Will the National Anthem run longer than 1:35? Fans can make their predictions on the @FarmRichSnacks Instagram and Facebook pages for the chance at winning a year’s supply of Farm Rich and wearable swag like custom t-shirts with fun Mozz Stick designs. 

Shannon Gilreath, VP of marketing for Rich Products Consumer Brands, says the “If You Wanna Grab A Snack, Grab a Snack” campaign reflects the brand’s commitment to authenticity and the evolution of snacking. “This campaign showcases everyday cravings and varying eating habits in a fun, memorable way.  We’re not telling you when, where or why to snack. If you feel like a mid-morning mozzarella stick or late-night meatball, we say go for it! We’re celebrating our fans for their individuality and being true to themselves. And the animal ‘co-stars’ add humor to the campaign and are a nod to the Farm Rich brand name.”

Developed by The Scout Agency, the campaign spotlights some Farm Rich favorites, including the brand’s bestselling Mozzarella Sticks (who can resist that pull of cheese!?) and Mozzarella Bites, and will feature other popular products in the future.

Throughout the year, fans will discover how to fuel their best lives by finding new ways to take part in the “If You Wanna Grab a Snack, Grab a Snack” campaign. The campaign will highlight everyday eating as well as major events, pop culture moments and holidays. Follow what’s happening on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.