Company: Apex Motion Control

Equipment Snapshot: The engineers at Apex Motion Control have designed an automated tray feeding system that eliminates the daily repetitive stress and strain of manually feeding bakery trays onto conveyors.

By utilizing the automatic Tray Feeder, up to 80 trays can be placed into the Feeder at once, and it can feed up 20 trays per minute onto a conveyor line. The Tray Feeder is also capable of automatically placing parchment paper onto individual trays at up to 15 trays per minute—making the process even more efficient.


  • Intuitive HMI for easy setup
  • Holds up to 80 trays
  • Loads up to 15 trays per minute with parchment paper and 20 trays per minute without

Eliminate repetitive stress and reduce the risk of injury in your workplace with the Tray Feeder by Apex Motion Control.

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