Company: Global Bioingredients Inc.

Ingredient Snapshot: Almost 70 years of experience make Hispanagar one of the world's leading manufacturers of purified seaweed extracts. It has extensive knowledge regarding marine hydrocolloids and a strong presence in the international food market.

Unlike traditional agars that require boiling for dissolution, the QSol Agar enables a complete dissolution at low temperature—between 60-80 ºC. This characteristic provides greater energy efficiency in industrial processes, without modifying the gelling properties of the regular agar.

This novel product is perfect for the food industry due to the energy savings it generates compared to traditional agar. The wide range of gel strengths provides versatility in obtaining different textures, maintaining the high fiber content of traditional agars, along with its vegan identity. These characteristics provide great advantages in industrial processes, resulting in products with much softer and creamier textures.

QSol Agar has multiple applications, and can be used in dairy products, confectionery, bakery, sauces, and vegetable milks, among others. This versatility, along with easy use as it does not require any previous dilution, makes this product one of the best solutions on the market.

Hispanagar's goal is to offer the best products suited to our clients' needs and to always guarantee the highest level of quality. The company makes an exhaustive and strict quality control across the entire production chain, from raw material collection to manufacturing to subsequent advisory services on how to use the end product.