FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — August 6, 2013 — Selecting fluid automation devices for service in low ambient temperatures presents designers and specifiers with numerous difficult challenges, and cause serious operational and maintenance problems, and cost issues, all along the line.

A new white paper, “Cold Hard Facts: Five Key Criteria for Selecting Low-Temperature Valves,” examines five key qualities to examine when selecting valves, cylinders, and other fluid automation devices for application in low ambient temperatures.

The five criteria are: reliability, testing and compliance, selection variety, low-power capabilities, and support options. The paper is available for download from http://goo.gl/dp1xc.

During long, cold months, fluid automation products must perform well under harsh, frigid conditions, often unattended — and frequently at remote sites that render repair or replacement more difficult than usual. Even in warmer climates, cold storage or low temperature processing lines present special challenges for material flexibility and seal integrity.

As the white paper warns, the stakes are higher than ever when valve choices are considered.

Download the new whitepaper, “Cold Hard Facts: Five Key Criteria for Selecting Low-Temperature Valves,” from http://goo.gl/dp1xc. The paper is presented ASCO Numatics, the world’s leading manufacturer of comprehensive fluid automation, flow control, and pneumatics solutions.

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