Company: Advance International Inc.


Ingredient Snapshot: Advance International Inc. has introduced a premium, ultra-sustainable & highly nutritious ocean-based super-protein that will revolutionize the global supply chain.


  • >91% Protein
  • Full & Complete Amino Acid Profile
  • Non-hydrolyzed protein – Made using NEW extraction process
  • High Digestibility – PDCAAS of 1.0
  • Extended Shelf Life
  • Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Lactose-free, Soy-free
  • Growth hormone-free
  • Trans-Fat-free
  • Ketogenic, Paleo, and Pescatarian Diet Friendly
  • Low Glycemic Index
  • Excellent Natural Mineral Content
  • Non-Hygroscopic
  • No Additives or Preservatives
  • Low Carb, Fat and Cholesterol
  • Made in California (USA)
  • Sustainable & Clean Label
  • One Ingredient Source: 100% food-grade, sustainable ocean white fish
  • Industry Certified and Compliant Supply Chain
  • Patented Ingredient Manufacturing Technology
  • Low-to-Zero Manufacturing Waste
  • Most Sustainable Protein on the Planet
  • Non-GMO Project Verified Ingredient
  • Processing Characteristics
  • Designed for applications where a low water-hold and low viscosity protein is needed.
  • Recommended ingredient for extruded food products.
  • Designed for applications in slightly acidic liquid foods.
  • Very Heat Stable, and will not ‘gum up’ or stick to machines, excellent option for baking.
  • 50+ product applications tested by University-led expert panels.

A patented ingredient, APP can give you the competitive edge you've been looking for and has been proven to work very well in many different applications, including savory snacks, bars, extruded products, and more!