Terry Chambers, president of FruitSmart, Inc., recently announced a merger between FruitSmart and CIFI.

The CIFI Team is integrating into the FruitSmart sales and operations team. This experienced group, based in Prosser, WA and Nashville, NC, is charged with providing customers with an even more extensive portfolio of high-quality fruit and vegetable ingredients. This includes value-added offerings, such as custom blended concentrates and NFC juices. 

Its brand new Product Development Center is located in the heart of the Yakima Valley. The company is already working to develop new concepts to share with you, while at the same time helping to improve existing finished goods using our vast ingredient portfolio. Click here to view its product list.

In the coming weeks and months, customers will continue to see changes in its organization. Its combined sales team will be meeting with customers, and will be attending trade shows as one company. In addition, the company will be working harder than ever to find ways they can better service customers' needs.

The company is committed to continuous growth with its customers and industry partners, and looks forward to working on “what’s next” with customers.