As AIB International continues its evolution to meet the current and future needs of the global food and beverage supply chain, Marie Chan, global head of marketing capability, GSK Consumer Healthcare, has been elected to join the Board of Trustees of its parent company, the American Institute of Baking (AIB).

“The addition of Marie Chan to our board brings a wealth of marketing expertise to an already strong group. Her industry experience and global perspective will further challenge our strategic thinking as we continue to expand our presence globally,” said Andre Biane, AIB International’s president and CEO. “It’s an understatement to say that 2020 has been a unique year for the entire food and beverage industry. Our board’s guidance has helped us through the pandemic’s trough, and we are emerging as a stronger organization that is better positioned to meet the future needs of the industry. Today, I’m excited to welcome Marie Chan to the Board of Trustees.”

There were also six members re-elected to the Board in 2020, including:

  • Judy Abrams, senior vice president and chief financial officer, Gateway Region YMCA
  • Todd Larson, vice president, regional operations, Lineage Logistics
  • Michael Leikam, president and CEO, Centralized Supply Chain Services, LLC
  • Pat Murphy, director, Supply Chain Leader – C&F, General Mills, Inc.
  • Campbell Williams, co-president, BCW Food Products, Inc.
  • Lucy Williams, CFP, vice president and trust officer, The Trust Company

Ms. Chan and the re-elected board members join an esteemed group of industry leaders who provide oversight and guidance to AIB, including:

  • Bradley T. Allen, consulting partner, PHM Brands and chairman of the Board
  • Jo Anne Gabbert, president, JAG Portfolio Services and vice chair of the Board
  • Thomas Benner, president and CEO, Lasaffre Corporation/Red Star Yeast Company
  • Mahirwan Bhagia, senior director – Global Program Management, PepsiCo Inc.
  • Greg Boyd, SVP of Supply Chain, Flowers Food, Inc.
  • Michael Connolly, senior director – Snacks R&D, Campbell Snacks
  • Jeffrey Dearduff, president and CEO, Gold Standard Baking
  • Gary Mawby, VP Supply Chain, The Bama Companies Inc.
  • Richard McGrath, partner, Lockton Companies
  • Dr. John Morris, associate professor, Department of Accounting, Kansas State University
  • Jorge Zarate Lupercio, GB Global Operations, Logistics and Engineering, senior vice president, Grupo Bimbo
  • Andre R. Biane, president and CEO, AIB International
  • Thomas E. Ogle, CFO, AIB International, Secretary/Treasurer

The operational intent of the American Institute of Baking is to support the global food and beverage industry and its supply chain to elevate food safety systems and to improve the commercial production of grain-based foods. This intent is then executed upon through work done by AIB International.