GoOats recently announced it had pitched its signature oatmeal-in-a-ball snack food on the popular American business reality TV show "Shark Tank." Founder and COO of GoOats, Nahum Jeannot, personally presented his innovative take on fast, portable breakfast food to the famous power investors, hoping to secure funding for a market-food aimed at parents, kids, and anyone with an oatmeal craving.

Cooked with natural steel-cut oats, GoOats are combined with fresh ingredients like blueberries or Vermont maple syrup, before baked with a crispy outer shell to form a heart-smart and satisfying breakfast. Jeannot hopes others will see his perfect on-the-go, heat-and-eat breakfast food as a great new take on breakfast. But whether the Sharks on the show agreed will soon be revealed. The episode of "Shark Tank" featuring GoOats airs Friday, October 23 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

"I'm excited be on the show," said Nahum Jeannot. "After our very successful soft-launch in 2017, I knew we had finally perfected GoOats, because people loved it. But getting investors to see that potential, especially when you're surrounded by so many other great ideas out there – well, that's the hard part. We've truly gone the extra mile to ensure that GoOats is delicious, nutritious, and a quality food. Steel-cut oats are the best, but they take forever to cook. With our product, we combined this staple breakfast food with amazing flavors and rolled into a convenient bite-sized ball. Consumers can take it on the go – just heat-and-eat."

GoOats combines steel-cut oats, fresh dairy products, and natural flavors to create the perfect oatmeal-in-a-ball combination. The official launch features GoOats Variety Packs. With nine balls in each pouch, the four-pack includes one pack of each flavor, and every eight-pack includes two of each flavor: Apple Cinnamon, Maple Brown Sugar, Blueberry, and Cran-Walnut. Made with all-natural ingredients and cooked, steel-cut oats.