Company: Calbee North America

Introduced: October 2020

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $2.29-$2.49

Product Snapshot: Harvest Snaps is introducing Popper Duos, a new puffed crisp that pairs two tasty flavors in one playful snack. Made with nutrition-packed green peas as the first ingredient and featuring a fun, pop-able round shape, the baked (never fried!) snacks are available in three irresistible flavors that will satisfy any ‘snap’ time craving:

  • Salsa & Cheddar: Zesty salsa and smooth cheddar come together in this lively, queso-inspired snack designed to make taste buds dance.
  • BBQ & Ranch: A classic duo, tangy BBQ joins cool, creamy ranch for a wholesome take on this timeless pairing.
  • Yellow & White Cheddar: Mild yellow and sharp white cheddar unite to deliver next-level cheesiness in a single bite.  

Real veggies (no potato or corn fillers here!) provide plant-based protein and fiber in every serving of these better-for-you green pea crisps. Containing less sodium than traditional cheese balls or puffed snacks, the innovative lineup is also certified gluten-free, vegetarian friendly, and completely free of palm oil, artificial flavors and colors, plus the common allergens soy, nuts, peanuts, wheat, and eggs.

Shared Sandra Payer, marketing director with Calbee North America, “Harvest Snaps’ new Popper Duos double the fun with a unique two-in-one flavor combo, while still delivering the veggie-first goodness the brand has become known for. The small, round size is perfect for little hands, but the product’s universal taste appeal makes it just as satisfying for adults who need a mid-afternoon pick me up.”

Sold in 2.75oz bags, Harvest Snaps Popper Duos are sold primarily in the produce section and alongside other crunchy snacks at supermarket chains and natural grocers across the country for an SRP of $2.29- $2.49. All of Harvest Snaps packages are part of the TerraCycle recycling program.