Company: Paxiom Group

Equipment Snapshot: The Paxiom Group Inc. has introduced the new XPdius Elite 1700 vertical form, fill and seal food packaging machine for large format bags.

Extremely versatile, the XPdius Elite 1700 vertical bagger is able to fill bags up to 17 (430mm) inches wide x 24 inches long (600mm) and includes film tracking, toolless removable pull belts, forming tube and film roll. Available options include bag gusset attachment, gas flush, hole punch, tare notch, polyethylene sealing assembly, pivoting bag support, bag tapper for product settling, and lot code printing.

Capable of producing up to 3,000 large format bags per hour, the XPdius vertical bagging machine includes twin servo motors and drives for its pull belt assembly and horizontal seal jaws. These drives assure total control over acceleration, deceleration, and positioning while ensuring high performance throughout production.

Manufactured by WeighPack Systems Inc. (, The XPdius vertical form fill and seal machine can be integrated with any auxiliary weigh filling machine including Paxiom’s own PrimoCombi multihead weigher, Star Auger powder filling machine and PrimoLinear net weigh filling machine.