Company: PFM Packaging Machinery US Division


Equipment Snapshot: Until now, the accepted maxim was that pre-made pouches were the way to go if you ran multiple formats, but PFM have changed the rules with the launch of the D480: a large-format HFFS machine capable of full 3D pouch format changes in under 15 minutes.

The huge material cost savings producing pouches from roll-stock are well recognized, but the traditionally long format change times have been off-putting to those producers that don’t have the volumes to dedicate machines to specific formats. The savings are so significant that many packers are still prepared to sacrifice anywhere from 3 to 8 hours to complete a format change and resume production.

PFM makes that difficult decision history, as the D480 can make the same change in as little as 15 minutes “good pouch to good pouch.” PFM delivered the first D480 to a frozen fruit packer with no experience of HFFS pouch machines and within 2 weeks they were making daily format changes, sometimes as often as 3 times a day: something inconceivable for anyone familiar with conventional rollstock pouch machines.

The D480 achieves this with a combination of accessories including:

  • Automated servomotor-driven format positioning
  • SMED change-parts (Single Minute Exchange of Dies)
  • Tool-less changeover
  • Fully automatic reel splicer
  • Self-adjusting pouch transport

These features demand low level skill sets and minimal training. An optional fully motorized universal 45º seal bar set eliminates costly format parts and long lead times for new formats.

This latest model completes the PFM D-Series range of HFFS stand-up pouch machines. Capable of pouch widths up to 240mm (9.5”) at speeds up to 130 pouches/minute, the D480 can produce big pouches at class-leading speeds, but these impressive figures come without compromise. All D-Series machines feature full stainless steel chassis as standard with wash-down fill zone and a multi-servomotor driven system with no camshafts. An optional fully integrated module for check-weighing and metal detection or X-ray completes any line.

Witness the new standard in flexibility for HFFS stand-up pouch machines at PMMI PackExpo Chicago 2018 where you can see the myth-busting PFM D480 in action on booth S2554.