Company: Brandini Toffee

Introduced: October 2020

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $100.00

Product Snapshot: The holidays are rapidly approaching and this year is unlike any other we’ve encountered which makes it all the more reason to give a little extra love. There is no better corporate gift, stocking stuffer, or holiday gift than Brandini Toffee as they offer award-winning gourmet handmade toffee.  

Your taste buds will thank you this holiday season with award-winning gourmet confectionery brand, Brandini Toffee's new combo box. Products include a 1/2 tin of Brandini bites, 1/2 pound Brandini almond toffee crumbles, toffee brownies (pack of three), toffee pretzels with dark chocolate (pack of three), and a 12oz box of cashew almond toffee popcorn. 

Founded 15 years ago by two high school best friends, Brandini Toffee has grown into one of the most beloved toffee brands in the United States. Over the years they have perfected the toffee and have even had the privilege of serving a President of the United States. Brandini Toffee began with a simple act of encouragement; a family friend who inspired a young confectioner to pursue his creative passion for making sweets with a lesson in how to make toffee. Perfecting his recipe over time, the toffee became the aspiring candy-maker’s gift of love and chocolate decadence for holidays, birthdays, and just-because occasions for family and friends. This confection made with affection would soon become the catalyst between two life-long friends and their families to share their scrumptious gift with people around the world.

Brandini Toffee is enjoyed by chocolate-lovers and toffee aficionados around the world and is the first toffee company to receive the coveted gold sofi Award. The company is dedicated to handcrafted toffee created with premium, preservative-free, and GMO-free ingredients.