Company: Savorly


Introduced: August 2019

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $6.49

Product Snapshot: Savorly, a new company that is bringing the word gourmet back to the freezer aisle with their cocktail and party bites, is proud to announce their nationwide launch into Whole Foods Market. Savorly was created to bring the strong tradition of Europe’s frozen appetizers to the U.S. In Europe, it’s common to gather with friends for “apero” in an atmosphere where food is shared. Savorly decided to enter the largely sleepy category of frozen appetizers with their flair and innovation. Aiming to redefine the frozen aisle with a product that is easy to cook and serve, Savorly has fun and approachable packaging and offers an elevated snacking experience for those looking to bring home some fresh fun from the freezer section.

“We, at Savorly, are thrilled to be launching at Whole Foods Market this holiday season,” says co-founder David Gotlib. “Savorly is the perfect match for their consumer base as we offer gourmet puff pastry delights and mini pies made with quality ingredients and bake up in just 15-20 minutes. They are the perfect addition to any cocktail party or impromptu get together, as you should feel good about what you feed friends and family.”

Savorly is made with European savoir-faire which stands for quality and taste. Their products are Non-GMO and clean label, made with RSPO sustainably sourced pam oil.

Savorly has replaced the traditional frozen appetizer cheese goop and artificial preservatives with olives, ricotta, grilled eggplant, and all of the other stuff you’d prep yourself. Their products are veggie forward and built on elevated flavor combinations you’d find in your favorite restaurants.

Available at Whole Foods Market:

  • Savorly Cocktail Bites – Four puff pastries stuffed with either Emmental Cheese, Spinach & Ricotta, Tomato & Vegetables, or Olive Tapenade. MSRP: $6.49
  • Savorly Mini  Pies – Three mini pies made with shortcrust pastry and then stuffed with  either Goat Cheese, Honey & Rosemary, Mushroom, or Red Pepper & Mozzarella. MSRP: $6.49