Company: Paradise Fruits by Jahncke

Ingredient Snapshot: Paradise Fruits Solutions by Jahncke, a global supplier of naturally healthy food ingredients, has added a high brix paste to its range of allergen-free, nut-flavored inclusions.

Towards the end of last year Paradise Fruits Solutions launched its innovative nut-flavored, allergen-free granulates, which proved extremely popular with food manufacturers and offered a welcome alternative to real nut ingredients. In this latest development, the company has now extended the range further to include a high brix paste format ideal for a wider variety of applications including chocolate, confectionery, baked goods, cereal and snack bars.

As 2020 saw flavors such as almond, peanut butter and hazelnut* become popular with many consumers once again, particularly when consumed in cereal bars and snack bar applications, the launch comes as a welcome addition to the range for manufacturers. Which is especially relevant as although nuts are listed as one of eight foods that account for 90% of all known food allergies in the world today, consumer trends show that shoppers still want to enjoy the flavour, but without the associated risk of allergens.

Mike Schmidt, sales director of Paradise Fruits Solutions, comments: “There is a real appeal on the market for products that contain ingredients that offer real nut alternatives, but still deliver an authentic nutty taste. Especially as nut flavors resurge and consumers continue to become all too aware of the allergens and risks associated with their consumption. After seeing a high number of enquiries for our granulates over the past few months, our research teams have taken feedback from customers on other formats they would like to see and extended the range as a result.”

Developed using a special manufacturing process that creates a low Water Activity level (aW-Value) of <0.8 aW and 78° brix, the paste is also suitable for use as a flavoring, filler or binder.

The new high brix paste is available in a variety of standard flavors including, Peanut, Peanut Caramel, Walnut, Hazelnut, Pecan, Pistachio, Almond and Peanut-Chocolate. Paradise Fruits Solutions can also work with customers to develop bespoke recipes suitable for unique applications and technical equipment demands, as well as adjusting the flavor levels as required.

The new range is completely free from Palm Oil, gluten-free, Kosher and Halal capable and suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets. The granulate and paste inclusions are also more cost effective for manufacturers too, as less quantity is required to achieve the same flavour gained when using whole or chopped nut inclusions in comparison.

Furthermore, when using the ingredients as complete nut replacements, manufacturers can benefit from operating a completely allergen safe production line or facility too. This can open the market up even further as developing products that taste like nuts but can claim that it is both nut-free and is manufactured in a completely nut-free environment, will have mass appeal with retailers that are dedicated to catering to this special dietary requirement.

Paradise Fruits by Jahncke is a global supplier of naturally healthy food ingredients. The company is a trusted partner to many of the world’s leading food manufacturers of baked goods, confectionery, chocolate, cereals and snacks.

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