Company: Grote Company

Equipment Snapshot: Grote Company, an industrial food slicing and assembly equipment manufacturer, has released a new version of its Slicer/Applicator—expanding on its 30-plus years as the staple in the industry. The new design emphasizes sanitary design, easier and repeatable set-up, and a reduced total cost of ownership.

The Slicer/Applicator slices and applies a wide range of food products directly onto processing lines with precise targeting. It is used in the production of well-known products around the world such as: jerky, sandwiches, bread snacks, and frozen and to-go meals such as cordon bleu and lasagna.

The latest design focuses on:

  • Sanitary Design. Featuring an open channel frame with no hollow tubing, a watershed electrical enclosure, IP69K motors, and easy access for maintenance and set-up via telescopic guarding.
  • Easier and Repeatable Set-up. An updated blade guide mounting system allows for quick changeouts and sanitation, resulting in consistent performance and less downtime.
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership. The AccuBand Blade System has been completely redesigned to improve blade and blade guide life.

“The Slicer/Applicator was our second slice-and-apply machine over 30 years ago, after the Pep-a-matic, and we are proud to continue its tradition with this new, superior design,” says CEO Bob Grote. “We optimized and improved several components of the slicer, all to increase performance and sanitation, while decreasing downtime and total cost of ownership over the many years it will run.”

Get equipment specs, drawings, and a 3D model here.