Company: General Mills Foodservice

Introduced: March 2021

Distribution: Foodservice

Product Snapshot: General Mills Foodservice has introduced Pillsbury Triple Layer Bars, which come individually-wrapped to help foodservice operations satisfy consumers’ craving for an indulgent treat while meeting heightened interest in safety. Transparent, sealed packaging provides peace of mind that the product is safe and showcases the visual appeal of the bars.  

As non-commercial foodservice programs seek more single-serve, packaged dessert options as a result of the pandemic, the Pillsbury Triple Layer Bars are a convenient, labor free, grab & go option that works across all service models including cafeterias, catering, coffee shops and retail spaces. The bars feature three textured layers that shine through in the clear packaging, to drive impulse sales.

The bars are available in two flavors: the Cookie Caramel Brownie bar starts with a chocolate chip cookie base, filled with a caramel middle and topped with chocolate chunk brownie, while the S’mores bar features a graham cracker cookie crust, marshmallow center and chocolate brownie top.

It also recently introduced Pillsbury Thaw & Serve Molten Brownies, which provides a low-labor way for foodservice operations to offer an indulgent, individually-portioned dessert with ease. The single-serve brownies with a molten center are portioned in a craft liner so they are ready to serve or ready for quick customization. Either way, they feature a  “made in house” appearance and are a versatile option for catering menus, bakery cases and more.

Available in two flavors, Molten Chocolate Ganache Drizzled and Molten Caramel Drizzled, Pillsbury Thaw & Serve Molten Brownies stay gooey without heating but can be warmed for an extra indulgent experience.