Company: IFF

Ingredient Snapshot: IFF has announced the launch of Enovera 3001, an enzyme-only solution as the newest addition to IFF’s range of ingredients for the bakery industry. This new enzyme is from the Danisco range of ingredients that became part of the IFF family earlier this year.  Enovera 3001 is a next-generation enzyme-only dough strengthener available to bakery manufacturers interested in label-friendly formulations without trade-offs. It allows industrial bakers to formulate without compromising dough strength, texture or taste. 

Many bakers struggle to balance executing clean label strategies in bread and buns with the need to ensure ideal quality in their finished products. Challenges include upholding dough strength and tolerance during production, maintaining consistency across varying conditions, reducing waste, and preserving finished product quality, volume and crumb structure. Previously, industrial bakers have had to make choices. Today, they can access technology that meets all their needs.

Enovera 3001 is a robust processing aid designed to meet every need without compromise. The dough strengthener delivers dependability throughout production and provides superior finished product quality for bread and buns over existing alternatives in the market. Based on internal application trials, Enovera 3001 performs equivalently or better than traditional chemical emulsifiers and with a reduced dependence on aids to compensate for inconsistencies

“Not every brand owner has label-friendly formulations on their radar, but for those who do, Enovera 3001 is the solution they need to succeed,” said Joshua Zars, regional enzymes business lead, IFF. “It is the only product on the market that delivers every time in a formula without DATEM, SSL, monoglycerides, or crutch additions.”

As a long-time global developer and manufacturer of enzymes and other emulsification solutions focused on the bakery industry, IFF leverages its unparalleled portfolio, knowledge and technical expertise across applications to help customers deliver winning products for the market every day. 

To learn more about Enovera 3001 and IFF’s baking enzymes, click here.