Company: Minebea Intec

Equipment Snapshot: With the new WZED load cell with electromagnetic force compensation from Minebea Intec, Minebea's checkweigher models have received a turbo upgrade: the new load cell with digital controller have received MID approval in the legal-for-trade range for belt speeds of up to 3 metres per second, which means up to 600 pieces per minute. The upgrade package contains many more features that pay off for user of high-speed applications.  

As a provider of weighing and inspection solutions, Minebea Intec is continuously working to improve existing products. With its upgrade to the new generation load cell, the company has put together a complete package of features that will be included in all verifiable checkweigher models which use a high-precision load cell with electro magnetic force compensation the future.

The upgrade consists of three elements: The new WZED load cell with electromagnetic force compensation and integrated high-speed electronics with digital controller. The advantages for the customer are therefore many and varied: for example, the new weighing sensor in combination with the digital controller offers increased reliability and precision. In addition, the sensor allows for an extremely low minimum weight: products from five grams can be verified according to all standards.

In addition to the higher weighing speed and increased precision, the digital controller also offers lower susceptibility to disturbances such as temperature, humidity or wind. The legal-for-trade checkweigher models equipped with this load cell upgrade are, due to the reduced minimum weight, very well suited for dynamic weighing with low-weight products, such as in the confectionery industry or canned products, In other industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals or cosmetics manufacturing, the reduced minimum weight, together with support for higher belt speeds, increases efficiency and throughput. Minebea Intec’s checkweighers are highly precise and provide reliable control for numerous weighing applications, completeness checks and filling process optimizations, allowing customers to optimize their output and efficiency.

With MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) certification for legal-for-trade applications, the WZED load cell is certified for belt speeds of up to 3 meters per second—this means processing speeds of 600 products per minute.

Thanks to the integration into the weigh cell housing, the new electronics of the WZED load cell consumes less space and at the same time allow for better cleanability in accordance with Hygienic Design. The new housing allows for easy installation and improved accessibility of the load cell for servicing or in case of maintenance

Initially, this upgrade will reach all Minebea Intec checkweigher series.. However, this is only the beginning: "With the WZED upgrade, Minebea Intec proves that we always try to get the maximum out of it. Our checkweighers with EMFC weighing technology have always scored with maximum precision and reliability - but with the WZED upgrade as an integrated component, we are opening a new chapter," says product manager Sara Vivanco. "We also plan to make the new load cell available to equipment manufacturers in the future. The variety of available interfaces makes the WZED ideal for integrating into existing plants in the future."

Further information can be found on the manufacturer's website.