Company: Baker Boy


Introduced: April 2021

Distribution: Foodservice

Product Snapshot: Bakery manufacturer Baker Boy has announced the launch of a new line of individually wrapped doughnuts under The Doughnut Hole brand. A true product of the pandemic, when food safety is more important than ever, these doughnuts are perfect for foodservice and retail alike.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has shined a light on the importance of food safety, foodservice operators are under more scrutiny than ever to provide fresh products in safe, user-friendly packaging. Many stores are now required to serve fresh bakery products either wrapped or in pre-packaged containers. This has led to unappealing bakery case displays and additional work for employees.

The Doughnut Hole Individually Wrapped Doughnuts offer operators a solution to this potentially lasting trend with a new line of packaged and fully finished retail-ready doughnuts. The branded packaging also includes retail-ready essentials such as Nutrition Facts, ingredient information and a scannable UPCs for each doughnut.

These doughnuts come in eight flavors and arrive at the operator frozen and ready to thaw and serve. The Doughnut Hole packaging features eye-catching branding and flavor callouts, as well as clear wrapping so customers can easily see each doughnut’s exceptional quality.

The Doughnut Hole Individually Wrapped line features unique flavors, including Baker Boy’s signature and unique Magic Ring Filled Doughnuts. Flavors include:

In September 2020, Baker Boy launched a new pilot product line of individually wrapped doughnuts in unbranded packaging to test sales performance. The individually wrapped doughnuts category quickly became one of the most successful product launches in the company’s 66-year history, selling over 1 million doughnuts within the first six months. The success of those products in multiple foodservice segments led the company to move forward with adding branding, and FDA required information to move into retail channels.

“We heard the demand of many operators who loved the doughnuts but wanted a branded product with flavor call-outs and scannable UPCs,” Baker Boy Marketing Manager Dustin Monke said. 

The Doughnut Hole Individually Wrapped Doughnuts are ideally suited for multiple foodservice segments, most notably convenience stores, schools, healthcare, hotels, colleges and universities, catering, coffee shops, military foodservice, micro-markets and frictionless markets.

Along with traditional iced and glazed favorites, the line features three whole grain doughnuts perfect for K-12 and healthcare foodservice. These are the Apple Filled Magic Ring Doughnut, Cake Doughnut and Blueberry Cake Doughnut—all of which are made with more than 51 percent whole grain.

Baker Boy encourages a two-day thawed shelf life on The Doughnut Hole Individually Wrapped Doughnut line to help maintain the high-quality freshness associated with the brand.

“These are the same high-quality foodservice doughnuts you’d expect to find in any doughnut shop,” Monke said. “They aren’t doughnuts designed to sit on an end cap for three weeks. They have a wonderful fresh taste. But best of all they’re simple, sealed for safety, require minimal labor, and lead to little product waste.”