Company: Hostess Brands


Introduced: June 2021

Distribution: National

Product Snapshot: Hostess Brands, LLC is introducing a new texture-rich item for consumers looking to indulge their sweet tooth with the launch of its creamiest and crunchiest snack yet, Hostess Cr!spy Minis. Available in two flavors, Cookies & Crème and Strawberries & Crème, the incredibly poppable Cr!spy Minis come in a resealable, stand-up pouch for optimal freshness.

Developed in response to consumers’ rising desire for multi-textured snacks, Hostess Cr!spy Minis are a uniquely satisfying innovation featuring two layers of creamy filling between crisp wafers for an extra crunchy treat in every bite. Cookies & Crème Flavored Cr!spy Minis are made with real cocoa and Strawberries & Crème Flavored Cr!spy Minis are made with real strawberries. They contain no artificial flavors, artificial colors, or high fructose corn syrup. This crave-worthy snack proves that there is no need to save indulgent treats for special occasions. Its resealable, stand-up packaging entices snackers with an aromatic burst upon opening and helps maintain freshness and increases shareability—that is, if it lasts.

“Cr!spy Minis’ unique combination of crispy, crunchy and creamy textures, combined with its decadent flavor and scent make this new offering from Hostess our most irresistible yet—and incredibly poppable, whenever the urge to snack may strike,” said Chris Balach, brand director, Hostess Brands, LLC. “With our new resealable stand-up pouch, consumers can easily keep Cr!spy Minis close at hand to enjoy the moment an indulgent craving hits. Sharing is encouraged—but certainly not required!”

From special moments of sweet celebration with friends and family, to everyday occasions such as an after-dinner snack, Hostess Cr!spy Minis are sure to delight snack lovers. Cookies & Crème Flavored Cr!spy Minis and Strawberries & Crème Flavored Cr!spy Minis are available now in grocery stores nationwide.

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