Company: 88 Acres


Introduced: July 2021

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $2.39-$2.99

Product Snapshot: 88 Acres, the seed-based food company known for its simple, plant-based ingredients and allergy-friendly Seed + Oat Bars, Seed Butters, Seed’nola, and Whole Seed Protein Bars, is introducing an updated look and feel to the brand through new packaging for all of its seed-based products.

After six years of successfully launching the healthy, allergy-friendly, seed-based food company, 88 Acres has decided that it was time to redesign the product packaging in order to focus more on their high-quality ingredients and core element of the brand identity. The packaging redesign allows 88 Acres to share its products in a more approachable and memorable way.

88 Acres uses real, whole, and clean ingredients and mixes them together in nostalgic flavors. The company’s new design now shows consumers what they’ll be eating by adding photography of the raw ingredients in the finished product packaging. 88 Acres’ Seed + Oat Bars are made differently than other bars as seeds, which are 88 Acres’ foundational ingredients, are a relatively innovative and unknown ingredient. By adding images of the ingredients to the finished packaging, the new bars evokes the flavor and texture of the product and more accurately describes the flavors in an approachable way.

In addition to incorporating photography of the real ingredients into the new packaging design to enhance the products’ approachability and flavor appeal, 88 Acres has updated some of the product names to make them more familiar and accurate to the flavor of the product. Here are the changes that have been made:

  • Double Chocolate Mocha → Double Dark Chocolate
  • Cinnamon & Oats → Cinnamon Maple
  • Spiced Ginger Apple → Apple Ginger Crisp
  • Triple Berry Blend → Triple Berry Crumble

While 88 Acres has made these meaningful updates to the brand, it is important to note that their recipes have not changed. The company’s allergen protocols are still as strict as ever and their ingredient sourcing standards have an even stronger focus on the celebration of real food. 88 Acres continues to create and offer the same healthy Seed + Oat Bars, Seed’nola, Whole Seed Protein Bars and Dressings as it always has.

As a sustainability-focused brand, 88 Acres will be gradually rolling out products with the new package design.

“We’ve seen the brand and our delicious products resonate and come to life within our digital channels, and we are excited that the new packaging echoes this delicious aesthetic. Showing the ingredients and products on the packaging helps to quickly explain what we are and the elevated tone of voice reminds consumers of those nostalgic favorite smells and tastes,” says Nicole Ledoux, co-founder & CEO of 88 Acres.