MicroSalt Inc. has announced that its SaltMe! potato chips will be distributed to more than 1,400 Kroger grocery stores beginning mid-March 2022. This milestone is a major move for MicroSalt on its mission to provide healthier, full-flavor potato chips delivering 50% less sodium (per serving) to help people promote better cardiovascular health.

“We’re thrilled to be able to expand the reach of our products,” says Rick Guiney, CEO at MicroSalt Inc. “Our microscopic salt crystal technology is creating new opportunities for consumers to lower their sodium intake without sacrificing flavor.”

With heart disease being a leading cause of death in the United States, and the overconsumption of salt a contributor, MicroSalt is committed to using advanced, patented technology to not only fight cardiovascular disease, but to promote healthier diets and snacking habits.

Distribution partners for this new venture include UNFI, KeHE, DPI, and Jakes Finer Foods. The launch also includes a redesign of SaltMe! brand packaging for a fresh new look and a deep dive into the light-blue, low-sodium color market. The chips will be available at Kroger stores across the country in Original, BBQ, and Sour Cream & Onion flavors.

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments by the company, including being named the Global Winner of the P&G Alumni Network’s 2021 Star Entrepreneur Award and winning The Most Innovative Food Technology Provider for Sodium Reduction in 2021 by the Global Health & Pharma.

To learn more about the new SaltMe! distribution at Kroger stores near you, visit our website at www.saltme.com.