Delphine Perdon Rupnow, perfumer, Bell Flavors & Fragrances, has been accepted into the American Society of Perfumers (ASP). Perdon Rupnow received her ASP Membership Certificate at the ASP business meeting in spring 2022.

She joins the American Society of Perfumers following her three-year mentorship under Robert Siegel, Bell senior perfumer. Her appointment strengthens Bell’s global fragrance strategy and reflects the company’s commitment to innovation.

“The ASP membership promotes agendas to educate, support, and empower perfumers," said Deborah French Wright, senior vice president and general manager of Bell’s Fragrance division. "Delphine’s inclusion in this society will offer her many opportunities to meet and consult with some of the most accomplished individuals in fragrance."

“On top of having been a director of the board of the American Society of Perfumers for over a year and leading its social media for three years, I am very proud to have graduated as a full member of this unique group of talented professionals," said Perdon Rupnow.

The main goal of the ASP is to foster and encourage the art and science of perfumery in the U.S. and to represent the community internationally. This is accomplished by promoting professional exchange with a high standard of conduct within the fragrance industry. Achieving these goals happens through multiple channels, networking, and select events as well as co-sponsoring and developing co-relationships with other organizations.