Company: Admix Inc.


Equipment Snapshot: Admix, Inc., global manufacturer of hygienic and industrial mixing equipment serving the food/beverage, chemical, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries, has announced the launch of the Benchmix 10 compact high shear lab mixer. The Benchmix 10 includes the patented Admix Rotosolver high shear mix head, engineered for high efficacy of wetting out and dispersing powders, eliminating agglomerates, and creating homogenous mixtures and emulsions. 

The Benchmix 10 is a compact, yet powerful benchtop unit with a mixing capacity of up to 1 gallon (4 liters) with mixing speeds up to 9,300 RPM. Due to the integrated Rotosolver mix head, homogenous, agglomerate-free product can be achieved in as little as ten minutes or even less for most applications. The Rotosolver mix head is used by thousands of processors worldwide and is designed to provide the optimal balance between shear and flow so that mixing is completed in record time, with minimal energy. A large and small upper impeller is included and can be mounted to the mixing shaft for even more flow in your mixing container. On the unit, a touchscreen interface, electronic lift, and a large speed dial make it extremely easy to operate. For manufacturers scaling up to production volumes, scale up is guaranteed with a process assurance warranty when scaling up with a production size Rotosolver mixer.  

“The Benchmix 10 is a critical component to any manufacturer interested in product development, formula optimization and guaranteed scale up,” comments Patrick Lakin, director of sales and marketing. “We’re excited to bring the Benchmix 10 to market because it meets the needs of the vast majority of customers across all industries.”

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