Talia di Napoli, the first-ever premium frozen pizza brand handcrafted in Naples, Italy, is bringing top-quality ingredients and time-honored traditions of Neapolitan pizza to the U.S. like never before. On November 11, Talia di Napoli will be launching its newest permanent flavor: Artichoke Pizza. 

The pizzas retail for $116 for a six-pack or $140 for an 8-pack. The artichokes are sautéed with cream to create a base for the pie that is then combined with Fior di Latte mozzarella.

After emerging from the wood-fired oven, each pizza is immediately “put to sleep” using a proprietary freezing method invented by the founder's Uncle Guido and his partner Maurizio Ramirez—the only step in the entire process that’s not done by hand. This allows the freshest flavors and aromas to take center stage, with no additives or preservatives, capturing the  quality and taste of Neapolitan pizza like no other brand can. 

Ingredients are sourced from local Italian farmers for a low-impact supply chain, wood-fired ovens use wood sustainability sourced from forests approved by the Italian government, and pizzas are packaged in boxes using 95% recycled paper and shipped using eco-friendly insulators that are fully biodegradable.