After the success of the first edition of the acceleration program Baking the Future, Cereal, the Europastry Innovation Center, again welcomes four startups with revolutionary projects that will change the bakery sector.

This year, applications from 11 different countries have been submitted, among which DouxMatok from Israel, Ajinomatrix from Belgium, AgroSingularity from Spain, and Sacha Inchi from Colombia have been selected.

After six months of preparation, during the celebration of Demo Day, the four startups will present their projects to a network of private investors and highly qualified experts. 

The projects from the four startups give solutions to the challenges set the second edition of the program was launched: sustainability, health, improvement of the customer experience, and technologies aimed at seeking to improve production without losing quality. 

  • DouxMatok, the Israeli startup, offers nutrition improvements through sugar reduction solutions.
  • Belgian Ajinomatrix has digitized the measurement of the senses of taste and smell through AI, which becomes an essential tool to obtain data that will allow companies in the food sector to take accurate and fast decisions.
  • AgroSingularity, the Spanish startup, has developed vegetal-origin sustainable fibers that prolong the useful life of bread. Additionally, it allows the preservation of the nutrients and functional attributes of the original plant of the ingredients.
  • Lastly, Sacha Inchi offers solutions to the needs of the growing superfood market through innovative crops of Latin American biodiversity. 

The objective of Baking the Future is to build an open innovation model for Europastry. “We continue to bet on open innovation, a fundamental tool for collaboration with entrepreneurs and our R&D teams to design and escalate the future of the bakery industry,” states Ana Thielen, international marketing manager at Europastry.

Over the next six months the entrepreneurs of the four startups will have access to all the company resources: workspace, plus mentoring sessions with the teams of Cereal, Eatable Adventures, and Google. In addition, they'll have access to the R&D&I department of Europastry to develop, test, and launch the product to check its viability in the market.  

“Thanks to Baking the Future, we brought entrepreneurs from all over the world to   Cereal, to respond to the current challenges of the Bakery sector. We are sure that thanks to the collaboration of Europasty and its  I&D team these startups will be able to develop innovative solutions, capable of generating great impact in the sector and reach a global scale,” affirms José Luis Cabañero, founder & CEO of Eatable Adventures.