GNT has launched Shade Vivid Orange – OS, the first 100% oil-soluble plant-based color made from non-GMO paprika in the EXBERRY portfolio.

The product is a versatile and vibrant orange shade that can replace paprika oleoresin and artificial colors in a wide range of applications including fat-based sweet and savory products, among others. It is made with an extraction process that is free from organic solvents whilst delivering high color intensity.

EXBERRY Shade Vivid Orange – OS supports consumer-friendly labeling and excellent color performance. With cost-effective low usage levels and high stability performance, this kosher, vegan, and halal-certified shade can be used in snack seasonings, bakery products, plant-based meats and cheeses, dips and dressings, frostings and decorative coatings, cheese sauces, breadings, and various processed meat and fish products.

GNT’s Head of Product Management Sonja Scheffler says: “EXBERRY Shade Vivid Orange – OS is an exciting new innovation that fills a clear gap in the market, offering an effective alternative to artificial colors and paprika oleoresin across a broad array of applications. Its exceptional color intensity means it can provide visual differentiation while still maintaining completely clean and clear labels.”

For the U.S., the labeling recommendation for EXBERRY Shade Vivid Orange – OS is “paprika (color).” For manufacturers who sell to European Union consumers, the color is considered to be a food ingredient rather than a food additive and does not require an E number. The labeling recommendation is therefore “paprika oil.” 

GNT USA’s Technical Marketing Manager Alice Lee says: “This game-changing product provides a significant opportunity for differentiation in a competitive marketplace. It is a substantial milestone for manufacturers who are committed to providing transparency and building trust with their consumers.”