According to the American Pecan Promotion Board, whose purpose is to strengthen the position of pecans in the marketplace and encourage new uses for pecans, pecans can help product developers take the food and snacking industry to the next level. 

The American Pecan Promotion Board recently released an Innovation Guide. Some of the data included in its innovation guide includes:

  • According to the Mintel Global New Product Database, new product introductions featuring pecans increased by 54% over the last decade.
  • According to Datassential, 77% of consumers like or love the rich, buttery flavor pecans bring to a finished product, 70% would like to enjoy pecans all year, and 9 in 10 consumers are interested in purchasing products with pecans.
  • Pecans shine in a myriad of flavor profiles including sweet, spicy, smoky, salty, and savory. Given their ability to pair with a variety of flavor combinations, pecans can be used in a wide array of applications including energy bites, savory spreads, decadent tarts, cheese-based dips, and even meat and plant-based alternatives.