SNAC International, the leading trade association representing the snack food industry, successfully held its annual Legislative Summit on June 6–7 in Washington, D.C. The summit brought together more than 40 industry leaders to meet with members of Congress and discuss critical issues impacting the snack food sector, an industry that employs almost 400,000 employees and generates more than $15 billion in wages and taxes.

Key topics that took center stage during the event included the Farm Bill and SNAP Choice, supply chain challenges and labor shortages in the trucking industry, and sodium reduction.

In conjunction with their own representatives, members of SNAC were privileged to receive insights regarding the Farm Bill from prominent figures such as Sen. Tina Smith of Minnesota and Sen. Debbie Stabenow of Michigan. Sen. Smith holds a position on the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Committee, where Sen. Stabenow serves as the chair.

Furthermore, SNAC had the honor of hosting Rep. GT Thompson from Pennsylvania, who holds the position of chairman of the House Agriculture Committee. 

SNAP Choice, an initiative aimed at preserving the strength and dignity of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) by protecting consumers’ right to choose which foods they buy, was a major focus of the summit. SNAC members also discussed sodium reduction with policymakers, as well as trucking industry shortages and its impact on the snack food sector. Leaders explained the current challenges faced by the trucking industry, including driver shortages, rising freight costs, and supply chain disruptions. The trucking industry is currently facing a shortage of more than 78,000 truck drivers, coupled with a need to hire 1.2 million new drivers over the next decade to meet increasing freight demands

"The 2023 SNAC International Legislative Summit provided a valuable opportunity for industry leaders, policymakers, and stakeholders to come together and address key challenges facing our sector," said Christine Cochran, CEO of SNAC International. "We held over 80 meetings that had meaningful discussions on vital topics such as SNAP Choice and the trucking industry shortages, and how our collective efforts will help shape the future of the snack food industry, ensuring its growth and sustainability."

The summit offered networking opportunities for industry professionals to connect, share best practices, and explore potential collaborations. SNAC hosted members of Congress and their staffs at a reception held on Capitol Hill, which allowed the industry to showcase innovative snack products, demonstrating the industry's commitment to meeting consumer demands while advancing nutrition, sustainability, and responsible business practices.

SNAC International looks forward to continuing the momentum generated at the 2023 Legislative Summit, working collaboratively with its members, industry partners, and policymakers to drive positive change and growth within the snack food sector.