Tate’s Bake Shop’s Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies are back for a limited time this summer. After launching nationwide in summer 2023, Tate’s Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies became the #1 selling premium limited-edition cookie in grocery stores (TL US Food/Mass, 8 W/E 07/08/23, Based on $s and All Premium Limited-Edition Cookies). The recipe pairs Tate’s signature thin-and-crispy chocolate chip cookie with the classic flavor of mint (Tate’s uses peppermint oil) for a nostalgic summertime cookie with mint chocolate chip flavor. 

Mint Chocolate Chip joins a lineup that includes Tate’s’ bestseller, the Original Chocolate Chip Cookies, Tiny Tates (which recently launched in 5.5-oz. resealable bags), and more.

Tate’s Mint Chocolate Chip cookies are rolling onto shelves now at Safeway/Albertsons, Publix, Whole Foods Market, Walmart, Shop Rite, and are available online via tatesbakeshop.com and Amazon through August. The suggested retail price is $5.78–$6.99.

Mint chocolate chip ice cream is the fourth most popular ice cream flavor among U.S. adults, and the classic combination of mint and chocolate is making waves in the snack aisle as well. From classics like Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Andes Mints to newer players like Tate’s Mint Chocolate Chip cookies, the flavor combination has shown no sign of slowing down in popularity (“mint chocolate” is also trending as an SEO keyword, +22% YoY at a monthly search volume of 8.9K). Mint green has also been heralded as a trending color of the season, popping up on sneakersnail polish, tech, and now, in the cookie aisle with Tate’s Mint Chip’s mint green packaging. 

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