Givaudan expands its TasteSolutions Sweetness program to help bakers achieve sugar reduction goals. Developed from botanical sources and biotechnology, these GRAS-certified modifiers provide sensorially-balanced profiles for both naturally and artificially sweetened low- and zero-calorie products by enhancing their sweetness characteristics while masking undesirable notes and improving flavor.

Vernier, Switzerland
+41 (22) 780 9111

Food Ingredient Solutions develops the FISclear line of transparent, stable micro-emulsion colors, extracts and oils made from paprika, beta carotene, carotenal, lycopene, carrot oil, palm carotene and canthaxanthin. These colors and extracts provide a wide range of shades, from pale to greenish yellow to various peach, orange and pink tones to a rich, deep red, ideal for confectionery items. FISclear employs GMO-free emulsifiers and produces particle sizes of 50-100 mm with unparalleled clarity, stability and shelf life.

Food Ingredient Solutions, LLC
Teterboro, N.J.

Symrise’s consumer health business unit consolidates its botanical extracts under the Actiplants brand. This plant extract contains biofunctional ingredients that help strengthen the cardiovascular and immune system and ensure mental fitness. The Actiplants Bilberry, a standardized extract of Vaccinium myrtillus (bilberry), is said to contain antioxidant properties, support the function of capillaries and positively influence ocular health.

Symrise Inc.
Teterboro, N.J.

Caravan Ingredients introduces a donut frying oil under the Trancendim line, which delivers a clean mouthfeel. This oil allows for a better-for-you nutritional panel with 0 g. trans-fat, a reduction in saturated fat and the elimination of hydrogenation from the ingredient declaration.

Caravan Ingredients
Lenexa, Kan.


Kalsec evaluates the stability of a variety of edible oils, comparing its line of natural antioxidants to a commonly used synthetic equivalent. The ingredient supplier compared peroxide values and oxidative stability instrument (OSI) induction times of TBHQ to Kalsec Duralox oxidation management system AN-110, XT. In both comparisons, Duralox met or exceeded the performance of TBHQ.

Kalsec, Inc.
Kalamazoo, Mich.


Nordic Naturals launches Omega-3 Fortify, a food- and water-soluble Omega powder with zero hints of fish. Omega-3 Fortify contains micro-encapsulated cod liver oil in powder form and is designed as an alternative to soft gels and liquids. This neutral-flavored formula can be used as a topping on virtually any snack and baked good. Each single-serving stick-pack contains 500 mg. of EPA+DHA.

Nordic Naturals, Inc.
Watsonville, Calif.


Cherries Jubilee from Truitt Bros. consists of real Pacific Northwest cherries that add an elegant, decadent touch to a variety of desserts, muffins and cheesecake and work as a filling for crepes and pastries. They’re infused with brandy and non-alcoholic cognac, and come in an easy-to-store, shelf-stable pouch.

Truitt Bros., Inc.
Salem, Ore.


Penford Food Ingredients introduces PenFibe RS, a potato-based resistant starch, designed for breads, cakes, muffins, pastries, cookies, crackers, tortillas, sheeted baked and extruded snacks, nutrition bars and gluten-free foods. PenFibe RS contains about 85% dietary fiber on a dry solids basis, maintains a low water-holding capacity—which allows for increased solids/bulk without affecting product quality—and provides a good recovery of fiber content level after manufacturing.

Penford Food Ingredients Co.
Centennial, Colo.


Z Trim is a multi-functional cellulose ingredient derived from natural sources such as oat bran or corn bran. Produced by Z Trim Ingredients, this cellulose ingredient contributes multifunctional attributes such as moisture management, texture and appearance quality, fat and calorie reduction, clean labeling and cost control for baked goods, fillings and toppings. Typical usage levels range from 0.5-2%, and its superior water binding capabilities help hold other liquids and ingredients in place to prevent pooling, weeping, separation and settling in an emulsified system.

Z Trim Ingredients
Mundelein, Ill.


McIlhenny Co., the makers of Tabasco brand products, introduces Tabasco brand Pepper Paste, specially created for cakes and other baked applications. Tabasco brand Pepper Paste is an intermediate moisture ingredient prepared by combining Original Tabasco Pepper Sauce and Tabasco Processor’s Blend, which are both derived from aged red peppers, fermented with salt and mixed with vinegar. Tabasco Pepper Paste also provides texture, flavor enhancement and heat.

McIlhenny Co.
Avery Island, La.


QualiTech’s Flav-R-Grain PBE is an all-natural, allergen-free, cost-effective solution that helps value-added products better utilize peanuts and peanut-based ingredients. This stabilized corn germ adds a nutty, whole grain flavor, emulates fried/toasted applications and is good for breads, cookies, bars and baked goods.

QualiTech, Inc.
Chaska, Minn.

Dawn Foods launched Dawn Mi Panadería, a line of authentic Latino bakery items, including a variety of mixes, ready-to-finish frozen churros and fillings. Included in the line are products for seasonal bakery events. This line is developed to help bakers prepare authentic Latino products.

Dawn Food Products, Inc.
Jackson, Mich.