More than a century ago, America fell in love with a sweet-and-savory crunchy snack, now synonymous with baseball games, the backyard barbecue, neighborhood block parties and relaxing with friends and family. In celebration of its 120-year anniversary, Cracker Jack from PepsiCo's Frito-Lay division is making some changes for today's consumers with modern prizes, more peanuts and two exciting new flavors.

“After 120 years, we knew it was the right time for the Cracker Jack brand to modernize to really suit the changing snacking preferences among our biggest fans—while still remaining true to our nostalgic roots," said David Skena, vice president of marketing, Frito-Lay. "By offering improved prizes, more peanuts and delicious new flavors, we’re giving our fans a new and improved product experience that still celebrates what they’ve loved about Cracker Jack snacks all these years."

The new and exciting modifications being made to Cracker Jack snacks include:

• Rolling out nationwide this spring are new Cracker Jack Kettle Corn popcorn, offering a sweet-and-savory flavor profile and new Cracker Jack Butter Toffee popcorn, which includes a buttery toffee taste that makes it the perfect snack to unwind with after a long day of work or play.

• More crunchy delicious peanuts in two of the most popular Cracker Jack Original snack packages (4 and 8 oz.).

• Modernized snack prizes featuring digital components, including classic stickers with fun facts and special codes that offer surprises online.

Also, a new Cracker Jack-branded mobile app, featuring two nostalgic games (baseball and pinball) are available free for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch mobile devices and all Android devices at

Earlier this month, Frito-Lay launched a new brand called Cracker Jack'D snacks, which was developed specifically to fit the on-the-go lifestyle of today's young men. Cracker Jack'D is an independent, standalone brand developed specifically for millennial male consumers with a collection of intense flavors developed to meet their unique tastes.