The FoodChannel Top 10 Dessert Trends 2014

The Food Channel ( has released its “Top Ten Dessert Trends for 2014,” sponsored by Otis Spunkmeyer. The popular report looks at market trends around sweets and treats. Based on research conducted in conjunction with CultureWaves, the list identifies the significant behaviors of consumers, foodservice professionals and manufacturers, with original recipes and photographs to illustrate each trend.

The Food Channel Top 10 Dessert Trends for 2014 are as follows:

Spoon desserts—Puddings and other soft desserts, called “spoonables,” are big.

Layers—We are layering just about anything.

Hand pies—The mini dessert has finally extended itself to the pie.

Midwestern influence—One of the big trends for 2014 is Midwestern foods. When it comes to desserts that means cobblers, pies, crisps, tarts, upside down cakes and bar cookies.

Mashups and muffins—Muffins are the new doughnuts or what some are calling the “duffin.” Pepper, flavored salts and international spices—New desserts on the menu are heavy on the stronger spices. Cracked pepper is particularly on the rise.

Dessert butters—These are actually ground-up cookies turned into a soft filling that can be rolled into a truffle or added to a sandwich cookie.

Crepes—People are looking to add adventure to their repertoire, and crepes fit the bill.

Nuts—Nuts are big in desserts right now, particularly as we tally up the health benefits.

Small-batch desserts—We don’t have to make enough dessert to feed an army to be satisfied; we’ve discovered it’s OK to just make a little.

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