PACK EXPO International 2014 took place Nov. 3–5 in Chicago and brought with it a number of new technologies targeted toward snack manufacturers and bakers. Below is a sampling of the newest technologies launched at the show, as well as other earlier developments.


 In November, Ampac, Cincinnati, launched E-Z SnackPak, a pouch designed for the single-serve snack food market that opens into a tray. A tetrahedron, it adds support and product protection during shipping and handling. “The geometric design can be packed into a corrugated shipper with an efficient interlocking pattern, or displayed in a shelf-ready carton at point-of-sale, making your product stand out on the shelf,” says Millie Nuno, senior marketing manager for the company. “The new format also uses up to 25 percent less packaging than the common pillow packages it can replace, improving the product-to-package ratio. This product is not only innovative, but a sustainable solution.”

Bosch Packaging Technology

Bosch Packaging Technology, New Richmond, WI, debuted its new Pack 101 horizontal flow wrapper at PACK EXPO 2013. This technology was designed in response to bakers’ requests for more flexibility. Adjustable, the Pack 101 can be used to package a wide range of baked goods, snacks and other food products, reducing costs for manufacturers.

In 2014, Bosch introduced the SVI 2600, an entry-level vertical form/fill/seal bagger that handles a range of packaging applications, including snacks and grains, as well as other food products. The model incorporates technology employed on higher-end baggers, such as servo-driven, cross-sealing units and vacuum belts, and can produce pillow, gusseted and block-bottom bags at rates up to 100 bags per minute.


In November, Clysar, Clinton, IA, launched a high-performance shrink film designed specifically for warm, fresh-baked goods packed for retail shipment in bulk trays. The HPGFP-BK bakery film boasts microperforations that control the product’s exposure to moisture and air, allowing for better cooling. This, says the company, keeps warm bakery items fresh longer. The film contracts to create a tight, even wrap around a bulk bakery tray and is designed to run on existing equipment. The film is 45-gauge, which means it uses 40 percent less materials than polyethylene shrink films.

Delkor Systems Inc.

New from Delkor Systems Inc., St. Paul, MN, is Cabrio Case and its accompanying line of equipment, which launched at PACK EXPO. “The case is well-suited to pouches and other flat packages that are displayed vertically,” explains Rick Gessler, director of marketing and strategic account management for the company. He notes that Cabrio Case boasts a combination of high strength for shipping integrity; simple, lay-flat loading for ease of automation; and a precut front edge for a very clean—not jagged—shelf appearance. “With the precut front edge, brand owners have the flexibility to create attention-getting shapes and pop-up logos on the front of the tray without the worry that a jagged perforation will spoil its appearance,” he adds.

Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics

At PACK EXPO 2014, Dow, Midland, MI, launched PacXpert Packaging Technology, enabling a transition from larger, traditional rigid containers to flexible packaging. This collapsible, cube-shaped technology offers shelf stability, printing on all sides and custom closures. Also new at the show was OPULUX Optical Finishes, a portfolio of matte finishes designed to offer companies a consistent brand message, regardless of package placement on the shelf, as well as ultraviolet resistance.

DSM Engineering Plastics

In October 2013, Singapore-based DSM Engineering Plastics launched Akulon XS, a new nylon polymer aimed at helping film converter customers overcome processing issues, while enabling them to produce films with the chemical, abrasion and puncture resistance typical of films containing nylon 6 polymers. “Akulon XS has afforded our customers the opportunity to produce films able to package snacks with sharp edges and irregular shapes while maintaining product freshness, and also allowing them to increase their process capabilities,” says Jan Grogan, executive account manager for the company.

DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers

The DuPont team, based in Wilmington, DE, recently awarded Clear Lam Packaging its 2014 DuPont Award for Packaging Innovation for its PrimaPak packaging structure. Incorporating DuPont’s Bynel resin, PrimaPak is a flexible, re-closeable pop-up box made from a single roll of flexible film and enhanced with an outer label that adds vertical strength and rigidity. “Clear Lam Packaging combined all the components of the finished package onto one roll of film,” explains Yasmin Siddiqi, packaging leader, DuPont, “eliminating the need for preformed bases, lids, labels and shrink banding that goes into the assembly of today’s bulky rigid packaging.”

According to DuPont, PrimaPak is stackable, thereby increasing shelf use by up to 30 percent compared to round, composite cans or blow-molded, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) jars.

Georgia-Pacific Corrugated

New from Georgia-Pacific Corrugated, Atlanta, is Brand Ready Packaging (BRP), launched in November. BRP represents a series of enhancements, including the new Clean and Easy-Perf perforation solution, designed to make packages easier to open and resulting in a cleaner edge for enhanced shelf display. It eliminates the need for a knife to open the carton, making it safer for employees and eliminating a source of product damage, and it expedites retail stocking processes. In addition, it works well in tandem with the company’s Color-Box capability, which delivers high-graphic packaging solutions.

“Brand Ready Packaging helps retailers reduce labor and efficiently manage inventory,” explains Todd Ayers, commercial director of consumer packaging and national accounts for the company. “Georgia-Pacific offers a consultative resource that places a comparable level of design emphasis on the secondary package, which is sometimes overlooked by brand owners.”

Liberty Technologies

Recently launched by Liberty Technologies, Vienna, OH, a Millwood Inc. company, is Infinity Ultra-High Performance (UHP) 28-gauge hand film. “As the thinnest conventional hand film on the market, it provides superior load-holding force, while utilizing less film when packaging food products,” explains Azaad Shamsi, product manager for engineered films for the company.

It’s also an affordable solution for brands that still want the security of a film wrap. “It requires less film to contain loads, providing a low-cost and environmentally friendly solution to customers,” Shamsi adds. “Workers using traditional film may be accustomed to using more effort when stretching the film to accommodate loads. Achieving the desired load containment with the Infinity UHF hand film requires much less effort. There is no operator training required, so switching to this hand film is actually a very easy transition.” The new film was launched in November as part of the Infinity family of packaging films.

Lindar Corp.

Lindar Corp., Baxter, MN, launched the beginning of its seven-item Simply Secure line of tamper-obvious products in 2014’s third quarter. The tamper-evident products are available in hinged containers for items such as mini and large cupcakes, muffins and cinnamon rolls. Two-piece versions are available for cakes and pies. “Food safety continues to be a concern and will continue to grow,” says Dave Fossse, director of marketing for the company. “Our product development encompasses various aspects of food safety into a unique, intuitive retail package.”


Octal, Plano, TX, launched an impact-resistant product last year that prevents cracking and sharding among flash-frozen products. “There is a need in the market to see continuous improvement in food-safety measures,” said William J. Barenberg Jr., chief operating officer of the company. “This is true at the thermoformer, processor and retailer levels. We are addressing the need for increased shelf life to reduce waste through novel technologies that inhibit bacterial and fungal growth.”


Zip-Pak, Manteno, IL, launched Vector, a self-mated and resealable closure, during PACK EXPO 2014. Vector is easy to align and has superior air-seal capabilities when compared to other closures, says the company. Ergonomically designed Slider Select, a re-closing option featuring a slider that enables consumers to easily and repeatedly open and close a flexible package, was also released at the show. Pour & Lok is the company’s new resealable packaging solution that combines easy opening with pour spout functionality. A press-to-close, foldable zipper is pre-applied to film in the side gusset, creating a partial opening that forms the package’s easy-to-use resealable pour spout.

Zip360 offers brands a wide opening for easy access to a package’s contents. It is designed to close on itself along the full perimeter of the package.

“Both Pour & Lok and Zip360 offer tactile and audible feedback, which tell the consumer that the package has been securely sealed,” explains Carrie Strieter, director of strategic marketing and innovation for the company. “They’re ideal applications for snack foods, and can be incorporated into existing machinery with only minor modifications.”