Grain Foods Foundation (GFF) and Bakery Equipment Manufacturers and Allieds (BEMA) have announced a joint effort that will use “I LOVE BREAD” as a rallying cry for the industry. Both organizations have committed to fund a dedicated content series, committing $125,000 to the project. According to GFF, the series comprises a set of vibrant, compelling and unique social media posts that are connected through a common theme or style that can be shared across social media channels.

Both organizations were inspired to act by Oprah Winfrey’s declaration of love for bread on Jan. 26 that caused stocks to soar, social media to buzz and headlines to highlight the $12.5 million earned through her single tweet.

“GFF and BEMA took immediate action to dedicate resources to leverage the proclamation on behalf of the entire baking industry,” says Terry Bartsch, BEMA’s current chairman. “We’re excited to be able to capitalize on this moment in time and to give people the permission to declare their own love for bread.”

“Working with GFF on this project gives us the opportunity to supply the grains industry a smart and humorous way to encourage the masses to shout, ‘I LOVE BREAD,’” says Kerwin Brown, president/CEO of BEMA.

“This is a chance not only to publicly promote bread, but also remind consumers that breads and grains are an essential part of a healthy eating pattern,” says Christine Cochran, executive director of GFF. “We are thrilled that BEMA has joined us in telling that message in this unique way.”

The joint project is currently in the concept development stage. The final content will be available for those in the industry to share by the end of March.