Operating under The Women’s Bakery (TWB) mantra, “Together, we rise,” BEMA (Bakery Equipment Manufacturers & Allieds), a company in the baking and food equipment industry that connects, educates and provides resources for members of the baking industry, will host a one-hour virtual fundraising event to raise money and awareness for The Women’s Bakery (TWB) on Thursday, June 25. The event is in tandem with BEMA’s Virtual Convention 2020  and “Turikumwe” (We Are Together) campaign, moved online due to COVID-19 safety measures.   

The Women’s Bakery is a social enterprise that empowers women and builds nutrition-centric bakeries in East Africa. Founded in 2014, the heart of TWB’s mission is to create access to social and economic opportunities for women and nutritious, affordable bread to the East African communities. 

“As The Women’s Bakery grows and our bakeries move closer toward profitability, I am most proud of the steps we take to further empower the lives of our women bakers,” said TWB founder and CEO Markey Culver, a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. “TWB’s Whole Women Programming is a key ingredient to our mission of empowering women and providing nutritious bread to the people of Rwanda. Thanks to the support of our champions, such as BEMA, TWB is poised to really grow.”

 “The Women’s Bakery is a real-world example of how bread can create a difference in people’s lives,” said Kerwin Brown, CEO, BEMA. “This virtual fundraiser will strengthen connections and highlight the industry’s ongoing philanthropic commitment to help others thrive during a time of unexpected need.”

TWB fundraising needs:

  • $500 provides health insurance for TWB bakers and their families for one month
  • $1,000 funds a nanny for the on-site daycare for one year
  • $5,000 buys a hardbody delivery vehicle (need 2)
  • $10,000 funds two gender equity trainings 
  • $25,000 funds 3 months of social impact programming 
  • $50,000 launches a training program for a new group of bakers (2021)
  • $75,000 buys 3 new industrial ovens (one oven for each bakery, shipping and importation taxes)
  • $100,000 supports bakery operations for 2020 in Kigali (includes staff, bread distribution, increased inventory costs due to C-19)
  • $150,000 purchases the Gicumbi bakery (space is currently leased)

Awareness of the ongoing mission of TWB through the “Turikumwe” (We Are Together) campaign is in direct support of BEMA’s ongoing mission to connect; educate and provide resources for its members and the industries they serve. Help BEMA share the positive impact of TWB and its champions by sharing photos and videos of pledges on social media using #TWB and #Turikumwe.

Click here to register.