During the 2016 International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE), taking place from October 8–11 in Las Vegas, baking industry professionals working in the retail bakery sector will have a wide range of opportunities to explore. IBIE has joined forces with the Retail Bakers of America to give retail bakers greater access to the new suppliers, new ideas and networking opportunities. Retail bakery professionals can also take advantage of RBA’s famous educational programming, hands-on demonstrations and inspiring competitions stay ahead of changing consumer trends.

This month’s Retail Bakery Spotlight takes a look at Talerico-Martin Bakery, operated by Robert Talerico and Michael “Mickey” Martin. Their bakery business has operated in the wholesale market for over 30 years and only recently expanded into retail baking with a storefront accessible by the public. To learn more about this business, we reached out to Talerico and Martin, owners and founders of the bakery.


Douglas J. Peckenpaugh: What is the history of Talerico-Martin Bakery?

Robert Talerico: Talerico-Martin Bakery was incorporated in 1984. The bakery is approaching its 32nd anniversary. Mickey and I grew up together and became successful business partners throughout the years.

Talerico-Martin began in the restaurant kitchen of my parents. Six months later, we purchased a small retail business, and began servicing both the public and wholesale customers. The retail business was sold within the first seven months after deciding to become a strictly wholesale business. The business was then moved to a new location in Summit, IL where both the facility and business expanded over the years. Talerico-Martin provides fresh bakery to convenience stores, hospitals, schools and other businesses with the need for fresh, quality bakery items.

After many years, as the business and clientele expanded, we purchased a new facility in Summit. As the years went on, the building was expanded in size to accommodate the growth of their business. We decided to pursue opportunities further by introducing a packaged line of product. During the last four years, we have also incorporated a frozen line of product.

We then decided that to purchase and construct a new, state-of-the-art facility, approximately 90,000 square feet in size, to accommodate the growing frozen and packaged line of the business. The new facility is scheduled to be in operation in the first quarter of 2017. During the summer of 2015, we opened the doors to Talerico-Martin Retail Bakery, a bakery and coffee shop that is open to the public.


DJP: What is the primary scope of your wholesale bakery business?

Mickey Martin: Producing fresh, quality items such as doughnuts and pastries has been the main scope of the business. Throughout the years, freshly baked packaged items have also been introduced, as well as the growing line of frozen items that are shipped throughout the United States.


DJP: What prompted you to open a retail bakery business?

RT: Over the years, the name Talerico-Martin has become well known to many for sweet goods, both for the freshness and quality of the items. We wanted to offer these quality products to the public to enjoy.


DJP: How has your business changed over the years?

MM: Over the years, many things have changed within the business, such as incorporating new technology into production. From HCAPP to SQF certifications, food-sanitation regulations have changed greatly over the years, and we have ensured our customers that only the highest standards are met and exceeded.


DJP: What are a few of your best-selling products in the retail bakery?

RT: In the retail bakery, the number one seller would be the Atomic Cake, with other cake varieties following closely after. Of course, the doughnuts and pastries are also top-sellers, especially the chocolate cake donut and Long John doughnuts.


DJP: Do you work with customers to develop custom products?

MM: Absolutely. We work with a top notch product developer to guide in the process of development and quality assurance.


DJP: What’s next for Talerico-Martin Bakery?

RT: The startup and completion of the new facility for our frozen and packaged line of products. We would like to one day be recognized as a well-known, branded product.


IBIE offers a many opportunities for retail bakers to learn, network and explore the world of baking. For complete details, visit www.ibie2016.com/retail-bakers.