Company: Goodway Technologies


Equipment Snapshot: Goodway Technologies’ industrial dry vapor steam cleaners utilize the cleaning and sanitizing power of high temperature steam for efficiently cleaning food processing equipment and conveyor belts. When steam is released from the cleaner, it softens dirt, grease, oil or other substances on surfaces while using pressure to dislodge them, taking much of the work out of cleaning. The 290-degree steam kills mold, bacteria, listeria and other microorganisms on contact, helping to remove food allergens and sanitizing the surface area. It dries quickly after cleaning and sanitizing, and is safe for use around dry clean only areas such as sensitive electronics or conveyor belt cleaning.

Dry vapor steam cleaners are particularly beneficial to the food and beverage industry. With the Food Safety Modernization Act putting a strong focus on preventing contamination, companies are increasingly paying attention to equipment and the need for technologies that effectively provide sanitation. Regular cleaning has become more mandatory and necessary for preventing any contamination or allergy-related recalls. Not only is there a benefit from the food safety perspective, but there is a large reduction in cleaning times, water usage and equipment downtime.

The dry vapor steam cleaning is truly green. It doesn’t require the use of chemicals and uses 95 percent less water than when using water and chemical cleaning combinations. The absence of chemicals helps to protect workers against exposure to hazardous substances. The dry vapor steam reaches small parts or areas that would otherwise require dismantling.

The industrial dry vapor steam cleaners proactively eliminate contamination. The downtime is greatly reduced with the dry vapor steam producing as little as 5 percent moisture content, allowing equipment to dry quickly and immediately be ready for use. From a production standpoint, this greatly reduces changeover time. The reduced moisture minimizes the labor intensity when cleaning water-sensitive equipment and provides significant savings related to water usage. Goodway’s industrial dry vapor steam cleaners are powerful, but compact and portable enough for easy use. Continuous cleaning helps to sustain current equipment and ensure it’s running at maximum capacity.

Clean conveyor belts are especially critical, as they come in a variety of styles and materials while serving as an integral part of food production. The addition of the industrial dry vapor belt cleaning systems help to ensure that sanitation requirements are met on the food production line by keeping conveyor belts clean. The belt cleaning system simply attaches to most belt configurations and then to the dry vapor steam cleaner to provide efficient and effective sanitation.

Industrial dry vapor steam belt cleaning system features include:
• Long-lasting and durable with stainless steel construction
• Customizable design fits any application
• Brush, jet and continuous clean options
• For use on flat, mesh, wire, intralox and more.

The systems offer a variety of configurations to ensure it matches your exact belt types and your needs.

Goodway dry steam vapor belt cleaners deliver labor savings, decreased sanitation and maintenance time, increased production time, faster changeovers, increased belt life span and reliability, and overall improved hygiene and quality.