Company: Goodway Technologies


Equipment Snapshot: Goodway Technologies has announced the Portable Jet System 4 dry steam belt cleaner with a touch screen display that offers simple operation. The Jet System makes it easier to maintain open mesh belts by allowing dry steam cleaning to take place without removing the belt.

“The new touch screen display makes it easy for the user to adjust the speed, calculate the correct cleaning program based on speed and set cleaning programs with their fingertip,” says Tim Kane, president of Goodway Technologies. “We understand how important technological advancements are to the end user, so we’re pleased to be able to bring touchscreen capability to the Portable Jet System.”

The Portable Jet System 4 is ideal for areas where wet cleaning needs to be avoided, such as bakery, snack and confectionary production environments. Producing as little as five-percent moisture content, with no wastewater generated, the dry vapor steam leaves surfaces clean, dry and ready for final sanitation with a product like the BioSpray-20 surface sanitation system.

Dry steam cleaning is an economical, ecofriendly and effective form of surface and conveyor belt cleaning. The steam is superheated and placed under pressure to provide powerful cleaning and sanitation properties. Using only water, substances such as stubborn grease, oil, dirt and other residues can be cleaned from all kinds of surfaces, even small holes and crevices, without any need for chemicals. Additionally, mold, mildew and a variety of bacteria and allergens are instantly eradicated leaving surfaces clean. It’s a perfect solution for cleaning food and beverage production facilities.

Due to its low moisture content, dry steam solutions are safe to use around electrical equipment and sensitive packaging controls. It also eliminates concerns about using harsh chemicals that may impact employee safety and the health of the environment. The high temperatures can kill microorganisms and remove allergens from the surface on contact, leaving equipment dry and ready for immediate use.

Features of the Portable Jet System 4 include:

  • Perfect for areas where wet cleaning should be avoided
  • Reduce cleaning times
  • Remove allergens and extend production time
  • Built to your specification
  • No wastewater generated
  • Clean and sanitize without removing belts

For more information on Goodway’s complete line of HVAC and facility maintenance equipment, visit or call 1-800-333-7467.